Infuriating bus driver

Date: 8/11/2017

By CreepyLexi13

I was at a store with my parents and my aunt and they were giving out tickets and no one was taking them so we took a bunch. The next thing I remember is I went to this place with my friends and it was a student council meeting for my school. They were revealing who won the spots in each grade. My whole school was there and somehow I had tacos. I'm assuming it was from the school or something. I was wearing a swim too for some reason and I kept changing it. One of my older friends, Chris, got called up because he was got elected for something and I was surprised he even wanted to be part of it because he's not really that type if person. So after a little while my friends and I get on our bus to go home and my tacos had barely been touched so I decide to eat them on the bus. The shell cracks on one and it falls on the floor and I remind myself to pick it up later so the bus driver doesn't have to clean it up. I continue to eat more and of course little pieces fall. When I get near my stop I pick up the pieces on the ground and put them back in my bag. The taco on the floor is gone and I had forgotten about it. So I ask my friend if she wants to hang out and she agrees. So I get off the bus, rushing to the house so I can get my homework done and go to her house. As I'm walking, I notice that the bus hasn't driven past me as it usually does. I look to the road and I notice that the bus driver is making symbols at me with his hands. He's in a car now and the only signal I can distinguish is when he shows me his middle finger. At this point I'm very confused and I'm wondering why he's following me. I see my dad on the porch, wearing a tux for some reason, and I go quickly toward the porch and the bus driver parks in my driveway and storms up to the porch, taco in hand "you left this on my bus" he says angrily, huffing and puffing. I apologize saying that I thought I picked everything up and that it wouldn't happen again and all that. My dad agrees to go help him clean up the mess. The bus driver goes into my house to throw the taco away and is right behind me, because I need to throw the bag away. And he fucking hits me. I immediately yell at him, telling him he shouldn't have hit me and he throws something small at me to make me more mad. I continue to yell as we make our way out of the house, telling him that it was assault and harassment and that I was going to get the police involved and that he had no right to touch me. At this point I was so mad that I woke up and I swear if I ever see this bastard in my dreams again, he'll be sorry. The bad thing is, this dude is my actual bus driver