Dirty lake

Date: 5/13/2017

By mishakuca

I had a dream that emily and Ruthie were after the same door knob- it was diamond and they needed it for different reasons. Emily found it before Ruthie even started looking. Then me, Amiee and emily went to Lake Michigan. It was sorta like an ocean though. I was scared when I was in the water. There was no shallow end. When you jumped in, you couldn't even reach the bottom. It was super dirty water too. Amiee and emily didn't mind all this and jumped in a lot. Then I found this turtle on the beach with cool designs on it back and he was wearing a tiny hat. So I tried to take a pic with my phone but my phones camera was too low quality so i just gave up and let the turtle go. Then we were up by a pond in the woods near the lake and we saw a lot of people that we didn't notice before. There were a lot of people in the trees on suspension bridges and stuff, looking like their getting sap. Which reminded me of Riley.