flower hand

Date: 4/28/2017

By iwanttobelieve

Got lucid and right away i felt like I was somewhere different then regular dreams and it was trippy when I took a look at my hand and it was so odd and disproportionate that it didn't even look like one anymore but for a bit it looked like a big bulky flower as it was morphing right before my eyes and then the dream got normal and I tried to put one hand through the other as a reality check and had some difficulty but did it a lil through my knuckles and I saw I was on some street with a car in front of me and I touched it and it felt as it should then I looked around and thought of going forward fast which I started to do but then I lost control and went up and then I gained control and saw below me and there was writing at the bottom of my view like subtitles on a movie, it seemed like it was telling me the date and location and I flew a bit more but then woke up