The Fire Station

Date: 3/16/2019

By Imetaphor

I am hanging out with a famous musician, i think, maybe caleb from colony house. We are having coffee at a break room. someone else comes and makes coffee again, and the pot is almost about to overflow. The coffee is too weak also. Caleb makes heckling remarks but i know he is joking. I help out catching it in styrofoam cups as it pours out of the top. Later I wonder why he didnt turn it off. I am at a desert outpost. I watch a news story about a fire department's allegations. When they had children spend the night. The news narrator says "But that's not the only time..." They show kids sleeping near firetrucks underneath green wool blankets. The dream turns into a group of young adults talking about the same thing. One girl about 19 tells about one firefighter took a girl's Vickies bra while they were doing laundry and wrote "musalo" on the back strap. It was discovered by her boyfriend years later as he was connecting it. As she tells the story she becomes the narrator and I see the fireman sneaking aroundwhat the sleeping girls and the teenage hispanic boyfriend. "What does 'musalo' mean?" a diferent young adult asks. Another young adult girl answers unsure fishing for the right words. "Be greived all whoever..." (something along the lines of Dante's inscription over hell, but it means something racist). "Wow," the young adults say.