Illegal aliens camp movie

Date: 2/10/2017

By TheIDream

This dream was about myself creating a movie about a camp where there are immigrants getting prepared for training to do something. I based it on a Japanese producer (I can't remember the name) who had the same concept. He created his movies by taking drugs, anyhow, that's what was said in the dream, and they gave a surprising effect. The characters seemed to be in another space (from the colours that he used, lots of pink and green, like he took some hallucinogenic) and by seeing the clothes (and an alligator), I guess they were on earth. The lady in his movie was in a sort of cabine and she was dressed as a geisha. It was night, and she was looking through a window while the wind blew through her black hair. She was beautiful. She looked like a manga character. His characters were in a sort of Everglades or dessert, some type of mix between the two. In the dream, it was said that this producer was sort of a genius, allying "aliens" (we never get to see them, so I guess it is a different use of the word) and reality in such a way that we never really knew where we were. It looked like I was watching a documentary of his movies and his life. My movie was starring a black actress and a white actor. From what I understood, they were trying to escape from the camp. Between the time they reached and the time they try to escape I saw what they went through. They were being whipped and illtreated. They also had these types of modern camisoles made of black straps and chains that they put in the night so that they won't run away. The dream ends by the man managing to break the chain, and showing the guard that he went to sleep when actually, they're about to run away. The black woman and white guy are friends in the movie. In the camp, they don't do much except work out and run. Like the government is training them for something. No one knows about it, except the government. The people they put there are apparently illegal immigrants that they caught. And the dream takes place in a sort of dessert.