Falling apart

Date: 6/2/2017

By twilson37

Winter Cold Vents set at top of wall above door Looks like an air conditioner. Vents open. No wonder its cold. Wall paper coming off Came off when washed? There are holes in the wall The wall is covered in thin sheet of plastic. Very thin (like the plastic dry cleaners use to cover clothes when ready for pick up) Wind blowing through walls Thin plastic sheet is rippling in the cold breeze. Change scene Getting ready for bed Water bed Looking forward to snuggling deep into it. Heated, heavy quilts. Warm and cozy. Buck was there (dead husband) Leaving For work? Large trophy Tucked it in next to me Use for protection. Feel safer now. Anyone who breaks in gets bludgeoned to death. When we first started dating, buck lived in a crappy little house, bed/bath, living room and kitchen. 3 rooms. He worked 3rd shift. I used to spend the night there. He had a waterbed. I was always very nervous being there alone at night. Some nights I would wander from window to window with a butcher knife in hand, jumping at every noise.