Under attack

Date: 2/9/2019

By Djpawn3

So this dream was kind of inspired by the anime seven deadly sins, like everyone in it looked like they were from anime. Anyway so I was like a professional demon hunter (one of the sins of anyone watches the show) and I was chilling with my friends at my house. All of a sudden a demon pops out of nowhere, she looked 16 and was wearing all pink with polka dots in her hair. She through the dots on the floor and attacked me. Where ever I stepped the spots turned into upward facing spikes so I had to dodge both her and the dots. While we were fighting she explained that she was in a group of 4 elite demon fighters sent here to kill me and my friends. She wants to kill me to become her bosses favorite and she lists off her squad from bosses favorite to least. Eventually I manage to kill her and continue down this tunnel that just appeared in my house and is totally not suspicious at all. Before I get very far tho something attack’s me from the side sending me flying. I get up and run outside somehow sitting on top of the fence in my backyard. From here I can see my friend fighting another demon. I see the demon that attacked me he is crouched on a fence a little way away from me. He lunges at me and I jump to another fence, this continues for a little bit until I get bored and kill him. He want very strong. Next I go back into the creepy tunnel under my house . I find my pet green anime pig and walk through the tunnel with him until we come to a cross road. I go one way he goes the other. I run into a demon surprise. He is creepy with his body made up of only hands and no face. I recognize him as the one the girl said was there bosses favorite so he must be very good. The ground turns to quick sand and I struggle to get out while he taunts me, I remember that his power is illusion before i pass out. For the rest of the dream I am not my self, like I am still my good ol demon hunting self but I am a boy who is intent on rescuing his girlfriend who was captured by the demon. My girlfriend was my old self (it’s confusing). So anyway I am inside trying to find the girl demon again because it turns out she wasn’t dead and ran away. I go outside and jump so high I can see like the whole town under me but I can’t find her. I do however find a giant chess board and go over to it. On it I find my girlfriend/previous self and the creepy hand illusion demon. I ask him what is happening and he says “this young lady has volunteered to play human sized chess with me in exchange for her freedom, however if she doesn’t win she dies.” I am aware that she is probably seeming an illusion but decide to play anyway. At this point I switch bodies again. I become a person on the roof of a tall tower watching my previous selves play life size chess with a demon. Previous self #1 is just standing there and moving when her illusion tells her to, while previous self #2 is trying to wake her up while still playing. I feel pity for them.The end