Boring but fun new job 14.6.17

Date: 6/20/2017

By MeddlingGoat

It was my first day at a new job in a clothes store. There were a few of us working, all my age or younger. I don't remember what the guys looked like but the girls were very pretty. Two of them were from my gym, Tia and Bianca. The atmosphere was very relaxed, everyone was kicking back, taking naps. There were no managers. I was walking around the store trying to sell shit, be friendly and all that crap. I remember there was a back room where I left my bag and hung my jacket, also put my leftover sushi that I had for lunch. A whiteboard was hanging in that room with 'Girl on girl action' written on the top of it and below that were all of our names. The idea was that you would get a star next to your name if you get a girl to kiss another girl or perhaps do something dirty to each other. I remember there was a click-clack bed near the register and on the bed was an undressed silicone mannequin that looked very realistic. I told Tia and Bianca how real it looked and if they were laying naked next to it, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake body. Tia said "Yeah whatever!" so they stripped naked and started to roll around with the mannequin. Things got carried away, they started fingering each other, including the mannequin. Then Tia gave me her phone and said "Here, take a picture so we can see if you can tell the difference". I grabbed her phone, took about five photos, then pulled my phone out and took a picture. As I was doing that, she said "What are you doing?" in a playful way. "Taking a picture!" I said. Next scene, we're all sitting in a meeting room. Sofas are everywhere, everyone is relaxed. We were playing a game of some sort, throwing a rolled pair of socks at each other. Then I picked up a playing card and started flicking it at others, they did the same back. I remember thinking how much of a boring and dead-end job this was but fun at the same time.