That's What You Get for Never Letting Me Pet You

Date: 3/4/2017

By seascarlet

This is a recurring dream, in which I suddenly have the ability to catch wildlife with my bare hands. In this dream it was birds, squirrels, and really colorful wild hamsters. They ran from me, but I was often able to tackle one and pick it up. It would fight at first, biting and scratching me. It would eventually calm down though, as though it realized it had no choice but to trust me. At this point I start loving and petting and kissing and smushing its fur almost sadisticly, like Elmira from Looney Toons. It's as though I'm not only so crazy about getting to hold and pet it, but also maybe getting some sort of perverse joy out of it, or maybe revenge for all the times I tried to be their friends and they wouldn't let me. I always let them go after a while, and eventually realize my hands are covered in bites and scratches and I'd better stop before I get a disease like rabies or something.