Sky Walkers

Date: 3/19/2017

By Io

I dreamt that there was a new attraction open that allowed people to fly in the sky as they pleased. The dream began with a scene of a building with a roof that was shaped as a purple monster. After entering the building, there was a cable car that brought people up to the starting point. There, there was a small wooden platform where people could just leap off and start flying or sky walking. I went and tried, and the next thing I knew I was strolling through the clouds. Below me there were long stretches of green meadows and small houses. From above it was like gazing at beautifully painted picture that spanned endlessly over the horizon. As I walked in the sky people began fighting with some people chasing others. Someone was knocked into a pine tree but for me, I wasn't going to waste my time being involved in such fights. So I ignored them and flew away.