Date: 2/17/2017

By bear

My favorite dreams are ones where I'm dancing. I'm this one I got a picture text from Sara telling my that alternative forms of dance classes are taking off and what about pole dancing. I told her I had thought about that and was just looking for a place to set up my pole. Then I was in a dance studio. I had set up something that was like a square wooden post about up to the height of my diaphragm. I was dancing around it and balancing on top of it. I saw poles in the room across the hall. The security hairdos came in and asked me about the post. I started getting frustrated and defensive but the I took a set back and said "can I just explain?" It was fine after that and they stayed to watch me dance. There was the perfect man. Tall dark longish hair, strong enough to lift me and we danced together. He flung me around and picked me up and we danced at a pace seeming to defy gravity. At the end we kissed softly, but I had a mouth full of something and I ran to the bathroom and spit out a mouthful of uncooked beans. The girls next to me were sympathetic, like it happens all the time. In another I was cat sitting for someone. My mom was there... I remember lots of foot...