Divine Justice

Date: 1/27/2017

By opullman

There was this big dude at school who constantly broke rules and hurt people, and it was pretty clear that if you snitched on him he would beat the living shit out of you. Men, women, children, small animals, it didn't matter. He worded it 'if you snitch on me I'll fucking kill you'. I don't remember what but he did something pretty bad and the entire school knew about it, and like it was something we had to tell an adult but no one wanted to be fucking destroyed by this kid. Everyone was kind of on edge because we were feeling the consequences of his actions but no one was willing to snitch on him. I wanted to try to figure out a way to be the hero, but I couldn't really see a way that included him getting justice and me not getting killed. Some kids had been told to go to Mr. Millers room and they were spreading the word, so soon enough we were all heading there. Mason and I walked together. Outside a lot of kids were kind of nervously, excitedly loitering. I went inside and sat on top of the desk closest to the door and it became pretty clear what happened. Teresa was standing by the door (opposite side of me) and there was a very loose cluster of adults around her. She looked crazy uncomfortable, and pretty nervous. Near Mr. Miller's desk was the previously mentioned kid. There was a tighter crowd of adults around him, and some more scattered in the front of the room. There was administrative staff, school security, and even a police officer or two. Teresa was taking the bullet for the good of our class. Teresa had snitched. The mood in the room was weirdly energized. It was rare but this had happened before, and it was like a gladiator match. We were relieved he got snitched on, nervous about what he was gonna do to Teresa, and excited. Pumped with adrenaline. We were so fired up to see what this kid was gonna do. Finally everyone got in and got settled, and the door closed and one of the administrators started speaking. He basically said that Teresa accused the kid of whatever it was he did, and asked her to confirm it was correct. We were all on the edge of our seats. It was like watching a sacrifice. The kid reminded her that he would 'fucking kill her' and none of the adults did anything except keep him on his side of the room. Teresa stealed herself and delivered the death sentence. She said 'I saw so-and-so do so-and-so'. Everyone was quiet. The kid started going 'oh you're dead Pasternaki' but before he could finish I stood up and said 'I saw so-and-so do so-and-so!'. He kind of whipped around, his beady eyes snapping into mine, when another kid shouted 'I saw so-and-so do so-and-so!'. Suddenly it was going off from all around the room. I kicked Charlie under the table and even he mumbled it. Mr. Miller smiled. Most of the class had joined in and the kid was flustered, his eyes darting around as the anthem rose from different ends of the room. Nothing like this had ever happened before. It was easy to single out and beat up one person but he couldn't beat up an entire class. And now since it obviously happened there were like a hundred witnesses the school security and the officers led him out. Everyone was buzzed with energy. We had just achieved something new. We won. Instead of getting some sick form of entertainment knowing a student was arranging their own funeral, we had banded together and beat him once and for all. Mason and I walked out together with the rest of the class. We were all grinning like idiots realizing what we just did. I knew I had done it, that I was the hero, and that I would never be recognized for it. It made me feel like a weird mix of disappointment and pride. Mason told me what I had done was stupid and suicidal, but couldn't stop grinning. I grinned back. Maybe one person knew what I did. The End.