Armageddon sequel/kidnapped by aliens

Date: 1/20/2017

By Duhvodol

I was on board a ship that looks like a rocket ship from the movie Armageddon. Nathan was there and somehow it was hijacked by some bacterial form of alien. before this room started I was fighting with my sister at our old house in Flora Vista and I broke one of the windows. some Hispanic lady at that point owned our house. this ship was taken over by aliens. they told me they were like royalty to us. they messed me up with a cute guy and told me he was a prince. I remember trying to get off the rocket at Nathan's house but they wouldn't let me. eventually they let us dock at an airport and I went inside and there's a huge food court. I went and ate a bunch of donuts there and at the end of the dream I drink a bottle of champagne and tried to escape but one of them saw me try to escape and told me not to.