Japan is full of wonders

Date: 5/30/2017

By ohsopale

The dream started with me and and a friend (i am gonna call her C ) in my living room. We were completely bored and I decided to take a trip to Japan. Apparently the airport was on top of my apartament building, we found a plane, small like a limo and we hoped in. It only took us a couple of minutes to get there. This is where the dream is full what the actual fuck state. We landed under a bridge and I saw some kids playing with a ball. The water was bellow my knees and i also spotted some fishes with some sort of glowsticks attacked to them. We roamed around the streets, untill we got separated from eachother. I started to panic and cry because i lost C and i began to search for her. I ended up in a scouting girl camp, sold some cookies to pay my stay there and at some point a little girl aproached me, handing me a letter from C. She wrote to meet her on a street i never knew before but somehow i knew exactly where it was. At last we found eachothers again! Walking down that street, I really wanted to smoke a cigarette and we stopped in front of a beautiful high-tech like house. I didnt even manage to like the cigarette because an old man, with a broom in his hand and yapping some gibberish told us to get off his stairs. As we ran we stumbled into a male geisha, moving really seductive with a fan covering half of his face. He handed us two invitations to a party and dissapeared. C. started to search in her bag for some fancy clothes and some makeup. We got all dressed up and pretty when, all of a sudden i felt a violent eartshake. From the ground, a HUGE ASS cathedral emmerged and we knew that was where the party was. I creaked the front door open and the loud music blew me off. Then i realised that the other guests of the party were some plant like creatures, with sombreros on their heads, shaking maracas on their little hands. I woke up laughing like an idiot. Well, this is my first dream I posted so hopefully will enjoy it!