Lucid Collection

Date: 2/10/2017

By mugen_

I remember when I first read an article on lucid dreaming. I was immediately intrigued and began trying to dream lucidly. Now naturally I've had these dreams before as a child, but anyway- I managed to collect quit a few, here's on of my earlier more exciting ones. In the dream, I was at my cousin's place. They lived in some flats. This place has a great emotional significance on me, because I lived with them for months. Actually I feel like it's such a spiritual place for me... and I visit this place a lot in my dreams. I used the technique in which you look at your hands and ask yourself if you're awake or dreaming. I shortly realized I was actually dreaming. Well then, now lucid, I didn't know what I wanted to do. But I thought about flying - so I jumped really high. Amazingly, I actually jumped out of earth, reached either the sun or mars, sorry I'm not sure. It was a blazing mass though, no heat, no pain, no fear. I landed back on earth after "falling" away. I repeated this a few times, and the feeling was just, exaggerated, mind blowing and exhilarating. My recollection is a bit vague, maybe I fell asleep again, or this was another lucid... but I became lucid, and suddenly I was in this tunnel, together with my cousin and a strange white man. He was so scary- bald I think, wearing some sort of suit. We walked together to the end if the tunnel and then- I must have woken up afterwards.