new year moon

Date: 4/24/2017

By KingZzZ

we were at some new years kinda party. it was me and my family, I guess. we were indoors I think. it felt indoors. but then as we started to count down everyone looked to the sky. I guess the new year coincided with a crazy ass new moon of some sort. when I looked up I saw that it looked like a fully eclipsed moon but with two other cresents on either side. I thought it was a little weird. but it was beautiful too. but I looked down for a sec to look at everyone around me and when I looked back up I had turned a red orange and inflated into a massive sphere that seemed to keep growing. I figured it grew because it approached us. so I got scared and started to tell everyone to look. it got a pretty big size before it suddenly. shattered into what seemed like a tiny million pieces on out yard. those pieces then grouped and formed figures. like statues. they looked like upright animals. everyone was in shock. but everyone was also scared and we locked the door. the main figure I remember is the one that came up to our door. it was a lion headed upright beast. I was scared to open the door but at the same time it felt harmless somehow. the end.