Four dreams

Date: 3/11/2017

By lerryn

First I could fly so I flew to a big house but then did a lot of things wrong and got kicked out but couldn't stop going back. Next I went to America and it was very hot and I met and went to the beach with my Real life American pen pal . Next I was at my dads house and he was chasing me and My sister around which was pretty scary and there was lots of secret rooms (I think this was a nightmare!) by the end he was nice again and we survived. Finally my last dream was that I appeared to be in a ballet production and had to do the same dance as other young children but then I gave my self something That made me really good at dancing but I didn't think it worked, it must of because I they moved me into a top character. But then I think it turned more into a scary dream because we went to eat and there was a body of a man in the stew.