Spaghetti Poured Out Of My Knee

Date: 8/5/2017

By Tofu

When I was a young child I had a dream that I was jumping rope in the front yard of my grandpa's house. I was having a good time, but then I tripped and scraped my knee. My mother came out to check on me and I was really upset because there was something stuck in the wound and I thought it was a worm. She went inside and got an ice cream scooper and then came back outside. She used the ice cream scooper on my knee to scoop out a chunk of my flesh. It turns out that there had been a spaghetti noodle dangling from the wound. As my mother examined the lump of my flesh in the ice cream scooper, tons of spaghetti noodles and tomato sauce began dribbling out of my knee. I began crying as I tried to frantically put the spaghetti back into my knee but then my mom ate the chunk of my flesh that she had been inspecting and told me to stop crying. There was so much spaghetti pouring from my leg. It wasn't pleasant.