AP English class many years later

Date: 9/4/2019

By raizydaizy

We were working on a poster board project that we had just started the same day. The room we were in was not the usual room we were in from back in the day. It was super rectangular and a lot larger. To top it off, there were a lot more students in this class. Sophie & Thuy were my partners for the class. I was getting increasingly frustrated because the both of them had already written out most of what we wanted on the poster board but I was pretty much excluded from the project. Or maybe that meant I would have to be the one that did the most talking if we had to present and I’ve always hated public speaking because it always made me super anxious. As we were finishing up, Kelly walked past us and commented on how Thuy didn’t even look like she’d had a baby. Thuy just laughed and said she’d probably die looking young. This girl that I recognized in the dream but didn’t recognize in real life called my name from behind me. I said, “ Oh, Hey!” But I didn’t say her name because it had slipped my mind. All I knew was that she was a year younger than us. Someone noticed that there was this random brown crewneck sweater in the lost and found of the classroom. It kind of looked like it was made of teddy bear fabric, so it looked unbelievably warm. They were telling the whole class that it was up for grabs, especially since the tags were still on it. The whole class went up in an uproar; I guess no one wanted it. However, I kind of did so I could give it to Ji. Right before waking up I noticed I was wearing a shirt similar to that one and knew I had to get that shirt for Ji on the way out of class that day.