New friends, superpowers

Date: 3/25/2017

By emjaynehill

I was at school and I'd met three new friend, and one of them looked exactly like Emily from 'Pretty Little Liars'. Anyway, we all had superpowers and we were running around trying to show this guy's song to a manager. We went into this office, this big guy was there and then there was a littler guy there. I ran in and said, "He's really good, huh?" but he didn't reply, and a few minutes later, the big guy said, "What are you doing here? There's too many people. You two, get out." And so we did. The other two girls came out and we started playing around with our superpowers. The entire time, I was trying to impress them, but it wasn't working and for some reason only one girl (the one who looks like Emily) liked me. We got into a car, and I was trying to talk to them to get them to like me, the Emily lookalike was talking to me whilst the other girls rolled their eyes at me. The Emily lookalike had had enough, and stood up for me. "What's your problem with her? You know, if you got to know her you would actually like her." But they both disagreed. So we all got out of the car and decided to get the train home (although we had a car?) but I didn't have any money, so I just followed back in hopes that someone would pay for me. I was afraid that if someone found out I didn't have train money, they'd hate me even more. And then I woke up. (P.s. I'm pretty sure my superpower was that I could turn into a pink elephant. The others were blue elephants.)