Praying with Jonathan McQuitty

Date: 8/10/2019

By briannagio

I’m in a large house with some people from Journey for a worship and prayer night. I had titled a paper “Prayer Requests” and wrote some down for myself to remember later. I put it down and left the room to go do something. When I came back, Jonathan McQuitty was putting the paper back on the table that I had left it on. I figured he was just reading it so that he would know to pray for it all later. I went and added “resentment toward my dad.” Jonathan had been reading over my shoulder and then corrected my spelling of ‘resentment,’ and I got really embarrassed. He began walking out of the room, but then he turned back around to me and asked “Hey, Brianna, do you want to start us with prayer?” I got super nervous and began stuttering really bad, and I finally replied “um... No.” He tried to convince me, but I told him that I seriously couldn’t do it and that I needed more practice praying out loud.