Date: 3/29/2019

By DreamBabyCloud

Was invited to a new ride at this place I cannot name. The vehicle started out as my niece’s new car...it was green and looked like a Jetson’s car. People from all over then wanted to ride in it, so it became a passage of sorts...a rite of passage of bravery or something. The first time I “rode” it with others, no one knew how to control it and it was unsettling how the controls were so sensitive. It was a nauseating ride. Someone convinced me to ride it a second time and this time, OH MY, what a fantastic ride!!! Somehow it opened up and we could feel the wind as we sailed low through and over different and beautiful terrain. At this moment I felt like I teetered on lucidity. Part of the rite of passage was to jump down between two walls really close together. Maybe a foot of space separated these walls. I’m thinking these fools are nuts to think I’m going to do that! Somehow I was able to not do it, even when I decided I would. Also, sitting in nature and thought of my “space friends” and a second later my space friends sailed over head in a silver saucer.