The man is Jesus.

Date: 5/30/2017

By traprockgirl

I was hiding at the sawmill. Someone is trying to find me, I don't remember who or why, but I want to stay hidden. Dogs are sent to find me, but when the gray dog finds me, I befriend it, and it doesn't give away my position. Soon my hiding place becomes a refuge for others. It's night now, I'm laying down listening to music on an iPhone, we hear rustling, I try to turn it off but I can't. A man comes out of the woods, instead of everyone screaming they gasp in relief, they know this man and he goes around hugging people. He comes to me, I think maybe he doesn't realize that he doesn't know me, but he hugs me and says something like, "When I saw you, I loved you." Then I get the impression that he thinks I'm too young, 14 comes to mind. No, no, no! I'm old enough! (Biblically 14 means deliverance and salvation) He is in 30s/40s, trim build, average height, curly dark hair, that's not long or real short, he may or may not have had facial hair, and I felt a love for him even after just meeting him, I couldn't wait to be alone with him. He tells me he has a spot for my business. He likes the graphics and art work I've done of these flowers and how I have so many more options and variations. The work is colorful and vibrant, I'm excited. I don't know what the business is, something to do with art and tea?? The land is barren, but he can envision it lush and the misty mountain that was there will return, it will be beautiful again (I think of the movie Pandora) I'm at a tea shop sitting at a bar. The man looks different but I think it's the same man. He's making me tea, I think Lady Gray because of the blue container he is muddling the tea leaves in. He has an orange one for Stacy. He's not concerned that a man has started selling tea made from tea bags served in a styrofoam cup. He is not concerned because his is authentic and brewed/prepared in a special way. He asks me to pick out a sticker to place on my cup. Interpretations from Vickie & Bri Vickie: Wow. Great that u remember all that! I'd say the first part is maybe abt you being in hiding from true faith/Jesus. God is sometimes called the hound of heaven and he's looking for you! Finds you, and it's all pure love. He points out your talents - now you can make money with your art. The sticker at the end may be inputting your name to your art when u sell it. The barren land-it WAS barren before Christ in your life! With Jesus you will go far in art, and life. Others were in hiding w you in the beginning, it was a comfortable place to be before you were found. So many of us hung out in the shadows becuz we just didn't know. Jesus having tea for Stacy too tells me she will be saved if she's not already and it's safe to talk to her abt faith. There's something abt the tea... is it because it's a universal drink huge amt of people will drink of your work, buy it? Or is it that the tea being in a blue pot makes it unique and your artwork will be served to a discerning crowd? Me: I'm not sure, but I started drinking tea last week when I haven't in a long time, I've always liked it, but never buy it. Blue has always been my favorite color, all variations of blue. Bri: Or maybe it's a comforting drink that's healthy and what you should sell in your art tea business. Start a tea house where you sell your art there. I definitely feel like the man is Jesus and He is bringing you to a new level of understanding of yourself and of what real authentic love looks like. That to love Him is you loving yourself and doing what makes you happy.