roommate drama pt. 1273728

Date: 1/22/2017

By tenshi

i had a dream that that mike was being hella foolish and i got really mad. idk wtf he was doing but whatever it was, it pissed me off sooo much. his friends were over i remember getting pissed at them too. i remember i went to ryan's room to talk shit to mike because he was in there, but meanwhile mikes dumbass friends literally whipped out their dicks and pissed all over my room. i remember being so pissed that i started to cry and marine laughed at me. i was also mad that he didn't help. later though after everything settled down i walked in to the room and marine was there and he looked at me and started crying because he felt guilty about laughing earlier. i hugged him and said it was ok and told him that he is my friend and i love him. and then we made out for some reason??? i don't even know it was nice but he was bad at kissing which i did not expect....after that idk how but i was in a weird area consisting of a shapeshifting colorful patch of grass surrounded buildings. it looked like an elementary school and the sky was a crystal clear blue.