Date: 7/9/2017

By mediocrates

My parents house was haunted.i came back from college over vacations & we were all sitting in the back bedroom on the upper floor. suddenly we see a shadow/thing on the wall. my mom takes out a harpoon & shoots at it but it goes straight to the wall. we all​ run to the ground floor. we see the ghost on top of the stairs it floats all along the stairs but doesn't go any further than that. there's a feeling of dread & uneasiness whenever the spirit is present. sometimes there are more than one shadows present some smaller looking to be children. we start living downstairs. the specters keep appearing & the immense feeling of dread with them. I'm constantly trying to find a way to exorcise them. i discover a settlement of fairies & other small magical creatures in our garage. they are all very friendly & i dont feel threatened by them.i distinctly remember their settlement was called "Baelish Settlement for Fae" because it was written on a banner above them. all during this time I'm accompanied by my brother & my cousin Val. Since I'm the oldest i go to ask them for advice, i talk to a middle aged fairy who is very nice & gives me small cookies. she explains that this was the fae's church & then she gives me actual advice which I can't remember. although i remember the church being no taller than my waist & of copperish color. i act on her advice & the ghosts on the stairs are gone. But now our front yard has become a center of unusual activity. the yard and whatever lay beyond it has become a vast rolling plain green with grass & pasture.And 2 tiny hills not taller than 5 feet have sprung over night & everyone is worried. my Dad goes out to inspect them but says that there are some creatures out there & to not go outside. so of course i go out during the night to investigate. i walk to the hills under the moonlight & see that one of them just disappears back into earth,spooked i walk back to my house but i notice that the garage door is open 4 inches off the bottom. Its through this space i see 2 pairs of dog's front legs...only the front ones the hind ones can't be seen. intrigued i roll an apple towards them & hide to watch it.suddenly a horses face comes down to chomp on it with green eyes.i run back into the house & consult my grandma who tells me that it must have been skin walkers. in the morning i try to use the fae's advice on them and it works they dissapears & the remaining hill falls back into the ground forming a small depression,my dad who was standing close to it also takes a tumble but we get him out of it. Next my uncle keeps seeing a ghost on out 1st floor balcony its a woman who is otherwise normal in appearance & interaction except for the fact that shes wearing a noose around her neck. i try to find her backstory so as to help her move on. its has something to do with my grandma & the woman resembles my aunt so we get her to help the woman. she talks to her & the woman moves on. But theres a guy in the balcony that my grandma called to cleanse the house he has brought Andres Dvicio with him to help me do the procedure. the rest is foggy & I can't remember the details but it had something to do with the vines growing in our front yard & Andres stays with us now.