Appearances Deceive How

Date: 4/17/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a small town and it was my birthday. I was having a pizza party and receiving presents. My parents were kinda old and old fashioned. I asked specifically for a certain thing. I seem to be prescient, I saw a flood of a forest or a train. I needed certain things to stave it off. Of course I didn't say why I needed these things. I think I asked for small plastic animals on needle pins. My parents thought of me fondly but thought me odd. They gave me jewelry, a dainty gold necklace, and i took it good naturedly but I didn't really want it and they knew it. I didn't care about jewelry. They despaired because I wanted odd presents. After they went to bed for the night, early, I went to the fridge to get a second slice of pizza. There was a dead body in the fridge, the pizza delivery man in his colorful uniform and hat was broken and stuffed into the fridge with his pizza. I sigh and took a slice out of the fridge, our of his hand, and closed it. Thoughtfully I ate it, told myself it was my birthday and I was going to eat a slice of pizza before I dealt with the body in the fridge. I ate the whole slice. The cheese was interesting. It was parmesean beneath a glutenous mass of cheese. If you added a certain cheese to it it made it more glutenous. I basically played with the pizza, deliberately taking my time. Then I ran out of the house down the street to the high school calling for the sheriff. He turned up immediately, as if he was right there. I tell him there's a body and I know who did it. The body is indeed stuff into a locker at the high school. We find the murder pretending he didn't do it. I knew he was going to pretend. He was a local boy and always did this and he came across so boring, normal, and a little dumb so no one ever knew. I knew he'd been doing this for years, maybe decades. We found him sleeping on a mattress in an alley, he wasn't home but sleeping on a mattress in protest. Some adolescent angst thing, but it played right up with the unassuming murder thing. The sherrif and his deputy, who is my brother, arrest him immediately. They also add triumphed up charges about breast gawking because he makes a derogatory comment in my direction. A couple homeless/drunk bums also get this charge. ———— I'm going to a wedding. I get ready with a friend and we head out in a helicopter to the wedding. I apparently didn't have time to get ready, despite us planning and getting ready days in advance. We leave days in advance, even tho it's close, and tear up the town having fun. I do feel a bit uncomfortable because my underwear keeps falling off under my dress. Now this friend, and those I'm at the Wedding with and the bride herself, are all people who I was friendly with (in real life) and then found out were really horrible. Manipulative, pathological liars and users and theives and whores. They are just the worst of the worst. (I was very naive and had a bad judge of character. I believed in the good in everyone, even those who routinely hurt me). These people were not friends, but in the dream they are and I'm hanging out with them. I feel a bit odd about it, but I can't figure out why. Anyway, after a lot of getting ready and helicopter rides we arrived at the wedding. We stop in the restroom.. I'm complaining because I feel super self conscious, I have dirty hair and I'm still in my pajamas and I haven't bathed yet. I keep complaining about needing to go home and take a shower and get ready first. But I've already put on my make up my friend says. The bride is actually in the next stall and comments about makeup not being a cover up for smell. She laughs and is clearly disgusted with me. I feel even worse. Before the wedding there is a reception and we all sit in a cafeteria eating and waiting. I eat nuts and i find an old sketch book. Inside are crappy drawings of the people I'm with, the bride, and my friend I came with and the others I'm with. I find a new paper and begin drawing. I draw the people again, better this time, and I end up drawing slabs of stone. They are maneuverable, they glide over the page and I feel them like they're 3d. One of the stones looks like wood and the effect is interesting. I am basically just doodling and I place them all in letters already there on the page, huge bubble letters, and i just move the slabs around and make more. The "friend" I came with wants to know what I'm doing, looks at my drawings the old ones and comments they're good. I don't think so, they look like high school artwork. But she finds a nicer one of herself and signs it, a phrase and her name. When I read it it says, "When you experience the storm, feel the wind." I felt it was a trite saying and didn't even know why she bothered. The bride's wedding March begins to play in the other room and my friend and others get up to go in there. I'm still sitting and they leave i don't know if they are expecting me to not go or to go. I don't, instead I eat more nuts. I don't get up and I explain to myself it's because wined to watch the food, since food isn't allowed in there. A random woman attending the wedding comes up and offers me a bag of nuts. Well she asked me a question but I notice the bag and she offers me some out of politeness. There a lot of different nuts in the bag almonds and pine nuts and slivered almonds ect. I decline and continue to sit there, too self conscious to go into the wedding and actually watch it. I make up a lot of excuses why I have to stay sitting right there, but really I just don't move.