Nuclear reactor survivor

Date: 3/22/2017

By JoshSenpai

I was on a roadtrip woth my boys sitting at the front seat having jason drive and randolf and raymond behind. I dont know where we headed but we were kind of far away. When we suddenly noticed something big explode from a distance, at first we were surprised but then the first shockwave reached us and threw our car up for a bit. The shockwave looked like waves on the asphalt and they kept coming. We saw parts of the nuclear reactor on the right side of the road and fire everywhere. I started shouting "i dont wanna die!!!" We were all kind of in panic and sometime the shockwaves stopped coming and we got out of our car. Since we survived we went to some kind of train station and luckily this train we got in was a special one. It was a train with celebreties in it and i managed to befriend kylie jenner somehow by talking to her. It was pretty awesome.