Dragon island/Home Depot?

Date: 6/4/2019

By dizzzy

The first dream took place on some weirdly jagged and barren islands in the middle of a very deep ocean. I kept running from dragons that were trying to burn me and I remember being really scared. I finally dove into the water to get away from one that had cornered me, although I was very reluctant to do so. The water scared me more than the dragons chasing me. In the second dream I was at a hardware store that vaguely resembled Home Depot. Q was there, as well as his girlfriend. He introduced me to her and we actually got along pretty well. I somehow ended up on some elevator-like pulley thing where I was on one side and Q was on the other. I kept pulling the rope, which would move me up or down and he would move in the opposite direction. No matter how hard I tried he remained out of reach. I could see his girlfriend if I looked down; she was really far away but I somehow had a really close view of her. Almost like my eyes were magnifying glasses. She was laughing and talking but I didn’t know what she was saying.