Quinceañera+Pool Party

Date: 7/9/2017

By MarlenePsychom

So my moms cousins quinceañera was coming up and my mom said that me and my sisters have to perform a dance.I argued saying that we don't even know her and why should we even do that if we're not good at dance.We also had to wear matching outfits and it took me a looong time to pick out a dress.The next scene is at the party and that basically all I remember from that dream.Then I was at my grandmas house and she told me she was gonna have a pool party.While she was getting the pools ready,we went to the public pool area and there were a lot of people.I remembered I was wearing short shorts and a baggy shirt.Btw,my mom,my brother and sister were there before us.When we found them,a guy came up to us asking if we had any trash.My sister gave him a lot of candy wrappers and then the man just threw them to the trash can behind us.We then went to the pool party and there were three massive pools.I wanted to go to the bigger one but there were so many people there.The other two were empty since they were in the sun.Me and my brother went to the empty one and another kid joined us.I went onto the side stairs and I said I'm gonna do a flip.When I did it,I landed on the ground,not the water