The dream i sort of remember

Date: 8/21/2019

By Juicy_Dreams

So once again i have another interesting dream although i cant remember too much only some “key” parts i guess. First part was when me my classmates and a bunch of other people were at this beach, and there was this huge and tall grass hill that i was on with a some other people. Someone (i cant remember) told us to roll down and that it wouldn’t hurt. Well it may not of hurt the others who went down including my sister but it definitely hurt me. When i was rolling down i hit a weird part of the slope that fling me in the air and i just went ragdoll mode until i hit the ground. Many were around me asking if i was okay and they thought i was dead but i trolled them which i dont know why. After some unimportant parts that i cant remember, just me and my old classmates were at the beach still and we were hanging at a place where there were tables and a roof outside. And all of a sudden a bunch of huge waves came towards us and engulfed everyone. We thought it was the end and the whole beach was just the ocean now. (Although I remember having something like this happen in a dream before some years ago) It seemed like we were all gonna die and i was expecting the sky to turn red and shoot a huge laser at us and kill us. But somehow we were teleported to this safe zone on land. There were some interesting people in there and there were also portals. The portals seemed to be training missions but they we found out differently after we were told to go into one of them. I cant really remember what happened in most of them. But in one of the portals there was this guy with no shirt on and he had a baseball bat and was just hitting the ball with the bat, and one if my friends were amused on how powerful he hit the ball. But for some reason, some other guy wanted to challenge us to a baseball match and most if not all of us couldnt because we didnt have any baseball gear. After that I was looking around the base with a friend and i was talking to this angel girl. And so we talked and then i noticed this device that you can choose their gear and weapons for the mission as a battle companion. And i guess my friend is perverted or something because he wanted her to wear the gear that reveals her breast the most. Yeah, i really dont know about that decision but im guessing he was just feeling pretty pervy. And then after all of that (i can remember something about the missions) we went inside one if the portals and it was a conquest to take kill the boss and save the captives, but little did we know that you had to have experience to do the mission, we just quit because it was to hard if i can remember, And then... the dream ended. Honestly i hope for a part two that i can remember better, but the ocean part really stuck out to me because I remember having that part in an way older dream. And i had a lot of dreams in the past having something to do with oceans.