Date: 7/15/2017

By Musicianang

I had a dream that my family and I took a spontaneous weeklong trip to Missouri. I have no idea why we chose Missouri, maybe it was because we haven't been to the Midwest. So anyways we were in a town that started with the letter "I" and it was about a half an hour from Jefferson City. We took a flight and when we landed, I was hungry. So we stop at some run down pizzeria in a bad location. The town had street art, many abandoned buildings, and wasn't such a good neighborhood. It kinda reminded me of Rahway back home. We go in the pizzeria and asked if they had gluten free pizza and they did, so I waited for my pizza to be ready. The people were so friendly. Once my pizza was ready I took a few bites and my mom took a few bites and she told me that it didn't taste like the pizza back home so she told me to stop eating it. We left the pizzeria without paying the bill and told the staff that we were unsatisfied with the taste of the pizza. We then go to our hotel room. The hotel was 3 stars and looked a bit old and was just average. I told my mom and dad that I was kinda bored and there's not much to do here for a week, so I suggested that we go to Jefferson City. We went there briefly and I vaguely remembered all the buildings but all of a sudden we were back in the hotel. Later on I thought about maybe taking a little road trip to Chicago since Illinois borders Missouri. Mom asked me how long the trip was so I mapped it out, and told her it was gonna take about 3 1/2 hours (It's 6 hours in real life). Dad said that was too long and we weren't going to go. I was disappointed, so I kept persisting, and then the dream stopped.