Date: 3/7/2019

By avayoungreen

So basically the Disney original movie Zombies. But I’ll also explain it. There was this woman who said something about her newborn son to this like 16 year old girl about him being a boy because he said something. That parts pretty blurry. But cut to 3 kids, the 16 year old girl and a younger girl and a younger boy. They are all getting dressed but all their clothes are individually in plastic bags. It’s implied that the two little kids have no parents so the older girl acts as a motherly sister. They are getting dressed and the little boy says that he wants to go play with the zombies but the older girl explains that he can’t because he might get a disease. So the zombies are harmless but they could spread diseases. While they are getting dressed for school they have an extra outfit that they put into their bags for protection against the zombies. Just as they are about to go to school I wake up.