Date: 3/28/2017

By frostyelf

It started with me in my art studio I was sitting at my table and painting flames on a circle pieces of wood, at night, and Someone comes in. My dad hands me this 1/4 filled jar of coins I ask him "what Is this?" He tells me that" These coins are very special, take care of them" I place the jar of coins in front on the table in front of me, and he hurrys off into the the dark of night, leaving behind a mysteries vibe. I shrug it off and look back down to continue painting. When only a few minutes later some guy comes in he scans the area around the room he seems very angry he's covered from head to toe in debris of dirt and perspiration is coming from his forehead. As soon as he spots me two other guys come in behind him who look similar. The guy in the front calls out "hey you" I raise my head from the painting confused and alarmed but the sudden shout. He approaches me while the other two stay by the entrance.His eyes go from me to the jar of coins in an instant. I nervously knock over the jar of coins as they scatter all over the floor. I quickly get up from the table and attempt to pick them up. One of the once silent guy from the back hollers over" Hey boss! It's going to take to long and we don't have enough time." I scurry to my feet as I presume that the cops are coming for an unknown reason still not apperant to me. He looks back at me, and everything goes black. I open my eyes and I see my wooden circle that I was painting on to be cut in three parts. And for the guys to had been once here, to have flooded the scene. The jar of coins still on floor and coins still scattered. My mom comes in she seemed as if she was looking for something. She comes up to me and asks me if I've seen something I replied " I don't know" She leaves in search of something unknown. I'm left confused as to how she saw me because for some odd reason I thought I was dead. My sister Esther comes in and I replay the scene for her. She nods in understanding. In the end I tell her that I was cut into three pieces just like the wooden circle that still remains on the table. I tell Esther in a worried voice" I don't know how I'm going to tell mom that I'm dead." She looks at me with no reply I look back at her than switch my gaze down on the floor beside the table where my body that is cut in three places resides. I don't know how my mom didn't see that. My mom walks back in and my sister and I look at her with concern and my mom looks back with confusion written on her face. We approach each other and I dissapear and Esther explains what happened. Then I woke up.