fake money / near death

Date: 8/7/2017

By rembrandt

I had a dream I was on this island, I think it was called a "abandoned island" or something similar. It was kind of a place for misfits. James was there. He was in my dream for a long time. Sam and Delaney were also in the dream, there was some festival going on and they decided to work a booth together. Delaney saw James speaking somewhere and she fell in love. I warned her that he was a horrible person, but it mattered not to her. She loved how he spoke his mind and was blunt and rude to people while also being funny. He took advantage of her. Somewhere else, I was in my bedroom, and I found little video cameras placed sporadically throughout my room. I grabbed them and turned them around so they wouldn't face me. Someone was spying on me. I was walking in this huge lobby with a lot of people sitting down, I saw one of my friends selling water bottles, I asked how much they were, she said $1.25, I told her I'd be back. I ran to the elevator and went to my room. I could only find $1 and 20cents but I figured it would be good enough, I went to back down and handed her the cash, and it turns out the bill I gave her was a fake, so I couldn't get any water. I didn't really need it, but I just wanted to help her out. I know there was more to my dream, and somewhere later I was almost killed by someone, but I think I had a future vision about it in my dream and avoided it. But the other girl was hospitalized, I was being targeted for no reason.