dreams about my bf,and.. furries)

Date: 3/19/2017

By headFeed

(im too lazy to write this again so sorry this is in second person i wrote this to him and im just copy pasting it) (pls note were in a ldr relationship) i had a moment in my dream that i was sitting with you and you kissed me shlyly on the cheek from the side so i layed back onto you and kissed your neck and it felt so real and we were so happy and flustered i had another dream with you in it and im visiting my friends old house and she still lives in it, they let you visit and stay there too and in the room youre staying in i try to get in bed but theres papers and study material everywhere im talking to a bunch of people from the server in another room and i hear you in the other room so i go there and its like a home office with 6 other people and i get out right away cause i disturbed them in another room im watching something with adam???? waiting for you to finish what youre working on and were just chatting but suddenly im breathing weird and fast and i cant speak well, i try to say that i dont feel well but just slowly crowch onto ythe floor and pass out in my dream?? then i gain a little conciousness and i hear that youre going to pick me up, you do and its really weird cause you like popped my back doing it and im a noodle and you carry me somewhere but not to the bedroom idk where you took me cause i woke up. in another dream i walked through what i thought was a mall but it had fursuiters in it and the people there kept invading my space and touching me saying animal noises and jumping around and im just running through trying to get out yelling if anyone else us seeing it and im not just going crazy. turns out it was disneyland and it was a way to advertise how real their animation for a new movie looks at some point i think ive escaped and then i just hear them singing "space space life, the furry life!" and theyre on a fuzzy spaceship?????