Date: 9/4/2019

By toolucid

I was on my way home from work and I was in a Uber. Which isn’t unusual as in a Uber to work almost everyday. Well we go over this bridge I’ve never seen before it was like an inside bridge and it started to shake and he Uber driver is like okay this is where you get off to catch he train.( this is when I realized I was dreaming) so I just acted normal because I didn’t want to excite myself and wake up. So, I get on the train but idk what stop to get off at so I just get off at the first stop. When I do I come down these stairs and there locked and it’s like guarded I asked the officer where was I. He responded the south ward Im like what so I guess I’m in a jail or facility of some type. So they take me outside to help me figure out how to get home but it gets weird. I’m looking at the building and it’s like a huge prison almost futuristic looking. So I’m trying to call another Uber but my phone keeps redirecting me and not letting me order it. So, I start freaking out so the lady says to one of the inmates go get her the number for the taxi. When she comes out the number is on the side of this like cart that they are using to put leaves in as they start raking the grass by the front gate?? Weird so I got up and when down there and the number is suddenly covered so I uncovered it but when I called the lady from the cab company is speaking to me as if I’m getting released from this facility.?? So now I’m getting upset because I just wanna leave then I realize this is a dream I can just fly away! So I start to fly and then alarms are blaring and shit they like oh my god she’s changing!! I’m like wtf so I start flying over the gate now I’m tryin to wake myself up so I close my eyes in my dreams as I hit the ground and I hear a guard say My name and say this isn’t a dream so I open my eyes im still there!!! Now I’m freaked out I start flying again there still chasing me but I can fly so they can’t keep up I turn around and start shooting at them like I had a gun appear in my arms just but making like a gun hand gesture. These guards looked like zombies is was crazy finally I get off the grounds and I’m flying over these woods and a waterfall so I’m screaming I just want to die I fall into the water. I just want to wake up at this point so I close my eyes and push up off the ground and I woke up!! Most lucid dream I’ve almost ever had !