Date: 3/29/2017

By cathyyy

i was at the mall with my twin bestfriend. i kind of know that we were officemates, that we were in a rush to buy this long sleeve for him. we were frantically searching for this specific color and size and length for him. we were on a rack of shirts when i saw from the left side of my peripheral vision a guy wearing a very familiar jacket and color. a maroon hoodie jacket that had my heart going crazy for a good 4 months. i looked up. it was him. and he was already looking at me. i guess he saw me first. our eyes met for a good 5 seconds before both of us looked away. he still looks the same. he still has that haircut that looked so good on him. he still wears that jacket that looked great on him. and i still had my same old feelings for him. he was with his collegue. his bestfriend i guess. the one he was always with when i met him. they were looking for long sleeves too. i kept on stealing glances at him. he kept glancing at me too. and we both kept on looking away when our eyes would meet. same situation we had before. lol. when my bestfriend found the shirt he was looking for, we headed for the cashier to pay. we were walking towards their direction. they were walking towards us. friend - him twin - me when our eyes met while we were this far, i saw in his eyes that he wanted to talk to me sa badly. but he then looked at my bestfriend then looked down. we passed each other. maybe he thought i was with my boyfriend. damn no. so i looked back at him. he looked back too. then, i woke up.