Excerpts, Snippets, Bite-sized

Date: 4/1/2017

By Fitful

I was among several hundred people who thought/knew aliens were coming. It was this green grassy valley area, and the town had those tall electricity towers, the really tall ones. The newspaper there announced the aliens were coming back, but no one believed them. I was one of the believers but my girlfriend didn't believe and didn't want me to. She discouraged me using several methods. ----- There was a childrens story being retold, redrawn, remade. The talk of the town was that it was being written by an evil man a shadow man, and it was to subvert our children with. I was upset at these people's ignorant and paranoia. It looked like an amazing children's book, I wanted to read it, and yes it looked dark and stylized but I thought that was an interesting take on the story. ----- I was eating in a restaurant, and I was female. But my boyfriend wanted to mess with me, or with the people in the restaurant. And actually he was only my boyfriend in the skit we put on. The skit was two naked fat gay guys in a restaurant made a scene and talk loudly about their personal life, to bother the others at the restaurant and specifically to bother me. I was supposed to play both myself, and the part of boyfriend. I don't know how I changed size, sex, and appearances, gender, and sexual orientation so fast, but that was what I was supposed to do. Basically be in two places at once for the skit. But I was really bored at that joke, and it didn't seem very funny. When I went back to being me and eating alone as my normal female self, I "forgot" to go back. ----- In the same restaurant way after everyone dining had left and the place was almost cleaned up I was sitting on a stool exhausted, a thin gay gay was lounging on a other stool to my left with a drink, and a heterosexual couple were on the couch to my right. Then the guy starts talking about how The Wizard of Oz is just a sexual awakening story for the young girl Dorothy. He talks on and on about it as he goes around the room and rubs everyone's neck. Gay or straight everyone in the room gets aroused at the idea. I, feeling uncomfortable, leave to use the rest room and blood pours out my vagina in an uninterrupted stream. ----- I am in a future world. The highways are impressive and huge, made of steel and stand so tall. Me and my boyfriend are hitchhiking in an odd way. We jump, this teleportation type thing, from one car to the next. We're taking a taxi and we're chatting and getting along. We're about halfway to our destination but then the taxi man yells at us for being magic. He notices us doing magic or talking about it. In this world magic is discriminated against. We don't make a fuss we just leave, in our jumping way, and he never gets paid for our ride. We think that's justice for his discrimination. Later in the same dream we jump a car or truck with several rows of tires off the bed of another truck and it flips in the air like a cat and falls with style.