Turkish Delight

Date: 3/24/2017

By ksaspo

So it started out in an elevator and in the dream I was kourtney Kardashian. So I'm in this elevator but I'm on the run and have a sense of panic and when the elevator opens I'm standing in front of a like, bunch of blood on the wall to like, hide it. Tim comes into the elevator and suddenly all that goes away and I am Kim Kardashian (I have evolved) and suddenly Tim and I are like, about to have sex and we are in a VERY fancy house in Turkey. The room is like, lavishly decorated. Very like, old grandma, lots of greens and salmons and like, tchotchkes. And so Tim and I (as Kim K ✌🏼) are in this quilted ass bed about to do the thang. And then in the middle of this I'm like "I need to pee" so I get up and I go to this bathroom and I am myself again. The bathroom is a lot of cream and green and salmon and very over decorated but like, cute n' cramped and like, that green porcelain color you know, like super cute but grandma-y. I notice the toilet paper is like, super decorated too tho?? Like it's sheets with fringe and tassel on each panel like it's so not effective?? And while I'm contemplating that someone knocks on the door and they're like "are you about to have sex with that man? (Tim) and I'm like "I guess"'and she's like "you better go in there two Turkish men are going to "prep" him (whatever the fuck that means) and so like, I go in and I'm like "shoo! Get out of here Turkish men!" And they scatter and then I'm like "oh wait, my bad Tim maybe you were in to that?" But he's just like whatever. So I get back in bed and we are like smoking something and there is a chalkboard wall and he write on it like "Tim loves Kelsey" on it and I pick up the chalk and I write "platonically" underneath b/c I'm hilarious and he goes "oh really, your literally sitting on my dick" and I look down and I am but it's like, not sexual at all so I'm like "yeah ok right smh I will give you like, a million dollars if you get a boner right now" and obvi he doesn't and then the rest of the dream we just go out side and walk around "Turkey" lol