Nap Time - About My Sister

Date: 7/13/2019

By kiml

This dream had my youngest sister as an adult and a 2 year old in it. She’s almost 10 years younger than me and growing up we were very close but more like mom/daughter because I cared for her so much. My parents are divorced and this sister cane from my dad’s second marriage. I’d go over for the weekend and he’d go out with my step mom leaving me to watch both Katey and the older one most of the weekend while they went out drinking and waking up with hangovers. That means I’d be 12 or 13 watching a 2 year old. At first I gave her bottles, bathed her and rocked her to sleep. I slept in her room in case she woke up. I wanted to be there to feed her or put her back to sleep. My dad and step mom were either not around or happy to not do it or a combo. Today we have no contact because I don’t speak with my dad and when that happens the whole side of the family does follows. In this dream the adult Katey was asking me to help with the younger Katey. I was driving my car and really freaking out because the baby Katey was sitting on my lap and I couldn’t move. I thought that she was in danger. The adult Katey was calm relaxing and completely perplexed that I was nervous. I was in the driver’s seat and so constricted. I remember not minding that the baby was in my lap but she wanted to eat, and sit right there and we were suppose to be meeting my dad and step mom for dinner so I felt pressed for time. Once the seat belt was on it was fine. The cars were easily going around us once everything was settled. I was always the only one nervous. Both adult and baby version of Katey were fine. I had food for her, she liked it, ate it. It was very pleasant and nice. Most of the scene took place on Davis Island, as a setting that has many references both young and old fir both of us. In this dream I worked there and that’s not accurate but I do have a new job in conscious life and I look for validation from my family that often thinks I’m weird or odd.