Date: 5/12/2017

By CutiePatutie

The dream starts off with my mom and I driving. I don't remember what happened before that, but we were in Ryan's car and we were on our way to a gas station to get something to keep us up because we had little money and didn't like pulling over at night. Well, everything was okay because we thought that we left the dogs at the house. Well, I found my dog Kobe in the car snuggled with my moms dog they were asleep. So my mom and I went into the store to get them something to eat and drink and then got ourselves some stuff. I remember seeing them hanging out the car windows and I ran to help them back into the windows to which Kobe jumped out and started to run... so i chased him down. Then I remember us making it home and then my mom telling me that she put our dogs into someone else's car. So I had to get ahold of the person and put adds out and everything while she walked to go look for them. (mind you, I'm half asleep half awake. I thought Kobe was really gone and I didn't know if this dream was real or fake so I kept waking up to see if Kobe was still between my legs and he was. Although I was still in a dream state where he was gone) Anyway I ended up finding him. Then it switched to a dream about Lauren and some tapes, and she wanted me to listen to them. I ended up staying in a truck with her and straightening my hair. Then I'm at a place where she's sitting on the couch and I remember that I left Ryan's keys in her dads car and my straightener. So, I go to ask him if I can go get it and I heard him snoring (what was really Ryan's snoring) so Lauren told me to go get it and I did. It was raining outside and I was scared but I went anyway and I couldn't get into it so I waited until early the next morning. Then my dream flipped to us having a windows in our room where you could see us, Ryan and I. I was asleep and I felt someone look at me, and I couldn't go back to sleep. It was dark in our room no one could tell that we were awake from the outside and we could clearly see the outside. I seen Tracy watching us and it was raining and she was getting all wet. My dream thoughts were that she killed my mom and her dad & that she was on her way to killing me too. I never confirmed that because my inner thoughts were screaming for me to wake up.