Super Date, Stupid Ending

Date: 6/16/2017

By Fitful

I was dating a supervillian, or the equivalent of one. He was very nice. I had a angular blonde Bob and wasn't very evil in return. He was quite the gentleman when not being a supervillian. I'd gone somewhere for the previous day, an outing at some zoo or garden or something. It involved paths with lots of twists and turns. I'd ended up in a theater with a bunch of chubby guys on couches watching a huge theater screen avidly. I did watch it too but they were really into it. I was trying to explain where I'd gone to my date but it was difficult. I kept forgetting where it was that I'd been. I just forgot the word. It wasn't actually a zoo or a garden or a office. But I still can't recall what it was. We were interrupted by the appearance of superheros flying in. They squared off against my date and while he motioned me back one did engage me. I wasn't a supervillian, or inclined to fight superheros, but I did have powers. The guy to attacked me was able to morph into a truck, somehow I did so as well and he tried to chew me, from some kind of sentient van form. I had a truck head, one of those 8 wheeler ones. I was able to throw him off but I was annoyed. ~ It was some warped version of an end to the Harry Potter books. It was held in an attic where Voldemort was defeated using a piece of luggage. Then out of the closet pops Neville Longbottom, and this golden haired girl is happy to see him, suddenly she had a crush. I have to toss Neville a jar of peanut butter to get him to stay a few more minutes until the book ends. Then I start ranting about how much I hate JK Rowling, for writing such a terrible ending. I day she should at least have mentioned the girl liked Neville before this moment, something to make the ending plausible. I then went on to say how much I hated all writers in general. It's sufficient to say my rant took the place of the end of the book while the girl and Neville just looked on bemused.