Date: 4/15/2017

By tiptipkitten

It started off with me playing animal crossing but then I was inside a completely different game. Literally inside it. My goal was to protect a friend of mine from the bad guy named Gabe. We wondered through a house a few times and had some conversations that I don't really remember. One time I got separated from the group and I found then again inside a restaurant. For some reason I thought it was possible to trick them into thinking I was someone else (don't ask me why) I made small talk with them. Soon I gave up and told them it was me the whole time. One of them said "I know, your acting is terrible" Eventually we set off again and something happened with some zoo animals that I don't remember but we somehow ended on a hill top. We saw the bad guys truck coming around and we somehow knew that if we got to an area north of the hill we'll be safe. I told everyone to run while I held him off. He got out of the truck and for some reason I knew if he touched me I'd die so I ran over to the truck and climb up it before he had time to get me. I kinda sat up there for a while making small talk trying to distract him. Somewhere around this time I woke up.