Weird dream

Date: 6/30/2022

By coll23

I dreamed that my child version (might have been me in my current form) went on a school field trip at my elementary school to the movies. I don't remember what the movies were. I remember one of my classmates in the dream going "He wears glasses?" Then, we get on the school bus and go home but I don't think I saw the part where the bus takes me home. When I am at school, my dad picks me up to take me to print something I need out because I needed to do that for something in the dream. Instead of going to the library, we go to some house that looks spooky. It's raining hard, so I have to cover some paper I am carrying. I use a black leather bag/purse/lunchbox to do so. I remember feeling cautious in the dream, like I was worried about being followed. I get out of the car, covering the paper with the bag so it didn't get wet. I notice the hood of the car is unlocked and some cars seem to be approaching us from the distance. I go to close the hood door. Then, we make our way inside the "library" which looks more like someone's basement. Before we close the door, I check one last time to see if anybody is near and I see what looks like people approaching me but they are very far away. The dream ends there.