Sex utopia

Date: 7/27/2017

By srajen

This dream was really weird. But great. It took place in this futuristic world where sex was the most important thing. There was no stigma, people didn't judge, and there were also very few men. To get to this world, someone already in it has to invite you. I was living in the shitty part of the world. This red head girl invited me to come live in this better world and we took the train to get there. I get there and everything is really beautiful and flowery. She shows me around the place and then takes me to my "sleeping quarters " it was this really big bedroom with a large walk in shower. It had been a long day, so I just wanted to shower and go to bed. I took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. I let the water run on my face and I closed my eyes. Suddenly I left someone caress my breasts from behind me. Their hands were smaller and softer than what I was used to, and I figured it was a woman. She began kissing my neck and groping me slowly and intentionally. She moved her hands away from my breasts and grabbed onto my ass, letting the water run down my breasts. She continues to kiss my neck and shoulders as two other women join us. They each fixate on one of my boobs and kiss and suck on them. They each do something different and it becomes hard for me to focus on either of them. I feel their tongues swirl around my nipple and flick it back and forth repeatedly making me moan. Then the red head girl joins in and spreads my legs open and goes down on me. I feel her tongue circle my clit and she starts sucking slowly, making me moan. The two women on my nipples begin rubbing my nipples at the same time for exactly 20 times. After that they massage my breasts, but are careful to avoid touching any nipple. Then they repeat this driving me crazy while the red head goes down on me. All of the women start doing things to me and I feel like I'm about to orgasm, I'm moaning so badly, so close, when the red head says "stop, she's ready". They take me out from the shower and into my bedroom. On the bed is this handsome man, completely naked. He pulls me into bed with him and whispers "you're mine" into my ear. I shiver and feel my nipples get hard, as he continues to turn me on. (This guy is my boyfriend in real life but in the dream I had just met him). He lays me down on my back and begins kissing me. As we start kissing, I twist my hands through his hair and pull him in closer to me. I feel his hand slide down my stomach and go deep inside me. As he fingers me, he starts sucking and biting my nipples making me moan like crazy. I can't take it anymore, it becomes to intense, so I push him off me and onto his back. I take his dick and slowly lick the side of it before lightly sucking on the tip. As I continue to suck, I take more of him in my mouth...going deeper and deeper. I pull back a bit and start using my hands, moving in an up and down motion while sucking. I make eye contact with him and can tell it's working. As I keep going, he gets harder - bigger - and more difficult to take in. He notices I'm struggling and pulls me up to kiss me. He throws me on my back and pins my arm above my head. He looks into my eyes and I feel him enter me. I gasp in relief as I feel his dick start to move back and forth inside me. Every so often he pulls out and rubs my wet clit, making me moan. He continues to pull out and tease me so I grab his ass and force him to stay in. He starts thrusting faster and faster and I'm moaning a lot more. He knows I'm about to finish and pulls me snugly against his chest as I orgasm. He holds me in his arms as my body shakes uncontrollably and my heart is beating rapidly. He kisses my forehead and holds me as my breathing stabilizes. I calm down a bit and he starts thrusting again. I'm rubbing my nipples and his breathing sharpens. I finish again as I feel him come inside me. He kisses me and holds me in his arms, as we fall asleep.