The CD mission and boat house

Date: 7/21/2019

By LucyElla

I was in school/college me and a few friends were on a mission we had to get some information off the CD that my friend stole I didn't know him on real life but after he took it we all met up I'm the hall way and it was passed to me now we needed an empty room with computers in we got into one but there was a lady in there who I briefly knew from the endever building (where you get extra supper) so I asked her if she knew of a classroom that wasn't being used so we could do a project but she said no and began to look suspicious so I quickly left there was 4 of us in our group we all had different skills but I wasn't sure if you had enough to hack the card so as we were walking through the hallways trying to sort a plan I called my boyfriend Leon because he is really good with computers but the phone kept ringing no one picked up I realised he was still asleep so I sent him a text but knew that's all I could do later we had gotten into a bit of trouble the school was going into lock down no one was allowed off the site we knew it was time to leave I suddenly remembered that the Costa near us now had internet and my laptop was in my locker so we could so it there we went to leave but the guard told us we couldn't leave so we all looked friendly and innocent saying that we just wanted to walk around the premises he eventually said it was okay and let us out we started running down the high street but I couldn't run for some reason I was slow taking small steps in the end my friend helped me by having to pull my along a little but we got there it was a really big place so we stood apart from each other to try no cause attention to us but I noticed there was this tall man with long dark hair staring at us from across the room I went close to one of my friends and said i needed the toilet trying to suggest we all run in and lock the door to see if we could escape through a window of just quickly do the task in there but as soon as i moved the guy ran towords us the bathroom wasn't fair away from me I ran in and as I turned to lock the door suddenly all my friends had disappeared and the guy was right behind me I slammed the door such and locked it but knew it wasn't strong enough to told him so I quickly started to find a way out the window was small but it zipped open then there were two more behind that every one got bigger it look my awhile I shouted helped but no one came by this point the guy had managed to create a hole in the door he scratched my arm and shoulder trying to get to me but I had managed to unzip the last window so jumped out and ran back to the schoo l knew he would follow but once I got there the dream sort of shifted I was one of my friends who went missing before I was hiding from the man I some now knew I couldn't hurt him as I had under the table I saw the man walk passed his legs were faded and now and again would sort of glitch away I stood up and look at the guy he wasn't angry anymore more sad he was the same state I was I just didn't know it my friend who I was seeing the view from was almost like a ghost and it was the same with the guy chasing us the guy knew that it was my turn to leave there were no words spoken but they knew what each other were saying slowly my friend drifted away I was now back to being me I walked over to where my friend was I knew he was gone so was a bit upset but the school had almost gone back to normal I don't know what happened to the CD but it was no longer important I looked up and Leon and one of my friends Georgia were walking towords me Georgia hugged me and after I hugged Leon I just told them my friend passed away but didn't go into any more detail I sat with Leon and he said that he had been moved to my building for the rest of the year. The dream then changed it was later on and I was walking with Leon and a few other people it was getting a bit late so I needed to be home I asked Leon if he wanted to stay over at mine because there wasn't any way of him to get home as we got to where my parents were they were with a friend saying we were going to be with them for a bit in her boat home we all got in and I was sat with Leon as Sophie was sat with my mum's friends 2 little children the bat started moving around a lot I remanded that he told me earlier in the dream he sometimes felt motion sick so I apologised for making him go on a boat a few other things happened then I woke up.