US Army Basic Training

Date: 2/13/2019

By Michael007800

I signed up to the USAF and was on my way to the base where I would be trained. Posted in Afghanistan, I would be here for a number of months for my basic training before being sent out onto the field. I rode with a number of people in a humvee to our station, listening in to our field commander how we would be trained and what we would be doing once active. We arrive as a massive base, two large halls surrounded by a standard US military camp. We enter the building to find it is two massive swimming halls! The smell of chlorine fills the air as we are given a tour of the facilities and taken to our dorm. The pool resembles that of the former Northolt Pool, with one hall for a shallower end, and a second for diving boards and platforms. Water is also very deep, a very dark shade of blue on the surface. Our dorm is directly next to the pool. We have a large window looking out at the road we came down, but facing a T-Junction and orange stone buildings. There is also a small road sign which shows off the area we are in. We are told to make ourselves comfy, ready for training which would soon follow...