World went crazy; zombies were attacking

Date: 6/12/2017

By mskatrina85

I remember only a small bit of this dream, but apparently the world was in an apocalypse-like stage or something. There was no power, no electronic communication, and people weren't sending their kids to school. I was standing outside of someone's house with Krystal and some guy we went to high school with, supposedly. There was this feeling of restlessness and boredom. People were just sitting outside on their porches since the houses were hot. We were thinking of a game to play, and brought up that cup game. But then decided that we'd walk over to Krystal's house to see if her dad's satellite was picking up anything. So we walked across the street and into her house. But within minutes of walking in, Krystal screamed, and I turned and saw a zombie in there. He had like the decayed, bloody face look. The three of us bolted out the front door. I looked to make sure we all ran out and that we were all running in the same direction. I was so scared that I'd get left or end up losing the 2 of them. The zombie was close on us, and I couldn't seem to run any faster. We all ran into some shallow woods near the houses. I kept thinking to myself that I was the slowest one and that the zombie would target me. And sure enough, he was close to me and grabbed at me. I could hear Krystal scream and I was trying to push him off as he bit at me. I kept screaming out "don't let him bite me guys!!" I tried to think what to do so that I wouldn't die, and the only thing I could think was to push my fingers into his eyes. So I closed my eyes and did it, and it felt really mushy, then I woke up. 😟