you should become a vegetarian

Date: 2/8/2019

By cati3martin

me and my family ordered some fried chicken and fries to be delivered to our house. it took a while, but someone brought in 2 medium sized bags. they were moving so i didn’t think it was the food. i opened it and a bunch of fries fell out. but once they all started falling out, it uncovered this bird. i looked as if it was put in a deep fryer. it’s eyes had melted and the whole body was still all put together. all of it’s feathers were gone and it had an orange crusty outside. it didn’t look like the fried chicken you get a popeyes. it looked like a burn victim. it was still alive, and in so much pain. it kept crying. then i heard more crying in the other bag so i ran to open it. more fries fell everywhere. and there lay another bird. also still alive. they started crying to each other like they knew each other. like they were family. they kept whimpering and trying to scoot closer to each other, but they couldn’t see each other because both of their eyes where gone. they tried their hardest to touch. they wiggled around, still making this horrible crying sound. until it stoped. all the crying and crinkling of the wrapping paper stopped all at once. they were dead. they hadn’t even made it to each other yet and they just died. i picked one of them up and placed their burn body next to its friend. and i stared balling. i completely broke down. then my mom walking in and said “oh look! the foods here” as if they weren’t just two living things that had just died a gruesome death. side note: i am not a vegetarian, but i have wanted to be for the longest time. i don’t buy my own food and i can’t complain about the food that i am blessed with. but morally, i hate eating it.