Part Two

Date: 5/24/2017

By GalaxyGhost

We are suddenly at a huge pool. Music is playing and people are hanging out and chatting. I'm sitting on the corner of the pool by myself . I drop myself in but hang onto the side of the pool, I relax and close my eyes. Suddenly someone pulls me in, under water I open my eyes and turn around . Its a boy. I push myself up and grab onto a float , sitting on it I instantly dry off. the boy comes up and his twin swims up behind him. "wow that was fast"he says to me "it takes more than that to take a queen down" I reply someone else comes to my float and jumps on, almost knocking me over. The twins pull him off and I'm knocked into the water again. my feet touch the bottom of the pool and I push myself up once again. I see the twins laughing and a guy floating on him back. I use the guy as my float and kick over to the twins. "what no fair!" they both say -how original I'm invisible- plays on the speakers as a song I pull myself to the side of the pool with the guy and pull us both under water. I use the pools edge to push myself off. I look back at the guy and time seems to freeze. Its the same guy from my last dream and suddenly I remember this is just a dream. I know what's coming next so I scream under water. He grins at me And I wake up